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I build web applications (Software-as-Service), plugins and automate sales and marketing processes.

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What Customers Have To Say?

Why Should You Work with Me?

You Are Not Alone

It all starts with an idea. I'll help you get your ideas down on paper and make sure that it becomes a reality in the near future.

Outside The Box

I always think outside the box and try to figure out what's best for the end-user or how to improve the idea to something bigger.

Quality Development

It's all about user experience. Delivering a stable and high quality product that can be used on all devices is standard for me.

Security First

Nothing is 100% secure, but security is on the top of my mind when I start working a new project or audit a working system.

Awesome Support

The real work begins after the product goes live. I'm always here to help you out when technical issues happen.

More Business For You

You can focus on sales and marketing knowing that the technical side is covered. Which means more business for you!


Which do you want to improve today?

5 Awesome Ways To Get More Leads

Every business needs leads. No leads means no sales. Here are 5 awesome channels for new fresh leads.

(article coming soon)

[Checklist] Read This Before You Go Live

There are so many things that can go wrong when launching your product. Here's the ultimate product launch checklist.

(article coming soon)

How To Reduce Cost Using Automation

There is always a task in your sales or marketing process that can be automated. Here's how you can do that.

(article coming soon)


I'm always open to new ideas. Let me know what do you have in mind and I will help you build it, launch it and grow it. Just push the button below and let's talk about your business asap.

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Connect with me on Facebook or contact me directly. I love to chat about web apps, business and innovation.


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